Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gryphon Costume

so I've been wanting to make this for a long time. After years of planning and a year of building, it is all done!

(professional pictures courtesy of )
The character is a personal character that I use as an online persona (or a fursona if you will, lol.) Her name is Kazul, she's a gryphon that is half American Kestrel, half Cougar. Anyways, I started building her June of 2011 starting with the hardest part, the head. after the first day it looked something like this:
the eyes are just temporary, and the beak was looking way to...small and weird. So I tried again:
most everything was pinned on at this point. but before i had gotten the ears right, I snapped a picture like this:
at this point, I took a break from this project to upgrade my first costume I had made. (you can see that here: ) I replaced her eyes, nose and ears and built her new hands and a new body suit :
When i got back to working on Kazul, I wasn't quite happy with with the shape, so i added more and then painted the blue foam so it wouldn't show through the fabric i would put on it (sorry for the junky picture)
Then i was ready to put the fur on! this is the fun part, at least, it amuses me because of its similarity to a process called UV mapping in 3D animation. All you animation people will understand, and all you who dont, this is pretty much exactly what you do in the computer. first I covered the head in ducttape and drew on the markings and color lines with a marker:
Then I cut away the ducttape and cut it so that layed flat. this is what it looked like when i was done:

then all i had to do was cut out the fur with these pattern pieces and put them on! here's a picture with all the fur on (still needed some trimming) and the eyes were complete too. I don't have any picture of how they were made, but i just took a white plastic bowl, dremeled out the right shape, made the iris out of bukram colored with prisma color markers, and made the 'eyeliner' out of fun foam.
Now for the hands!

the claws are made of sculpy clay, panted and then glossed. Next I needed to start the body but to make it easier on myself, i made a duct tape dummy of myself.

and with that i could build the rest of the suit!

oh and here's what i did for the feet:
and then my suit was done ^^ and I'm really tired right now, so just enjoy some more pictures:
with all the great fur scraps you get from making a costume like this, you have to have a little fun!

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Karoline KD A. said...

I'd never understood how these costumes are being made, but this helped a lot, thank you! I have some friends who are really into this, I find it so interesting. I really love your design on this custom, so glad you finally got it done. Have much fun with it!