Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feb 2012 Demo Reel

Feb 2012 Demo Reel Break down

Estefan model
Estefan is the name and main character of my senior class short film. We chose this story over other that were pitched and started working on it November 2010. I was chosen to be the modeling lead on the film and got to model Estefan himself. I studied really hard and talked to seniors above me and students who had already graduated to learn how set up the topology to the best deformations. I also had to communicate a lot with the director and design lead as we figured out how to get his features into 3D. Then others down the pipeline added to him. Scarlet Verdeja modeled his hair, Jared Merrill Rigged him, and in the particular shot I’ve shown, David Perez animated him. The Film will be done in April 2012

Stone Guardian
This is a character that has been showing up in my sketchbooks for a few years. I modeled him a year ago, but wasn’t completely satisfied with his shape. So this year I re modeled him and tightened down his design. I have plans to give him a feathery mane and to continue making animations for him. then I am going learn how to import this character and all his animations into UDK so I can figure out how to link movement animations together under player controls.

I made rebel in a character set up class. During the whole semester we designed, modeled, rigged and animated one character. This was my first real dive into rigging, and I really learned the importance of a good rig. The rig I made for rebel had a few limiting factors that made it difficult to animate. But I think I managed to pull a few good animations out of it.

Greg the satyr
Greg started as an assignment in a class called the illusion of life that I took my sophomore year. The focus of the class was teach us how to improve our skills in the various departments of computer animation (modeling, lighting etc) by looking at real life and doing things traditionally. I chose to focus on modeling so I came up with the concept art and made a maquette. Then in another class we had to make a character to animate, so I decided use Greg. In that class I modeled him and put joint in him, but at that point I didn’t know how to rig, so the animation you see here, the keys were set on the joints and IK handles.

Character animation
This is a clip of some animation I did for our senior film “Estefan”

Out of Darkness asset
In my sophomore year of the program, I was invited by a friend to help him and some others make a video game. I was on the art team and modeled a few assets for them including this workbench.

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