Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gina Hyena Plush

So this is the First plush I have made as a commission, it was for my Friend Gina. This is her hyena character that she uses to represent herself online, her persona (or Fur-sona if you will :P)
look here for a bigger picture: Her plush features removable goggles, sculpey ear gages, and a faux fur hair tuft. she is made of some super soft material, the kind that baby blankets are made of. So here is my concept art, which i use as much to get the look right as I use it to make the pattern:
And here is a WIP picture for fun. The ears are blue because I cut them out of a blue sleeping mat that I got at Walmart. the head is just a carved piece of upholstery foam.

there were two challenges that I had while building this plush and the first was the material. it was very slippery and i had to unpick a lot of stitches because it would slip in the middle of sewing. the other challenge was figuring out the ear gauges. i solved it by making a ear gauge out of sculpey clay, then I cut a slightly smaller hole in the foam of the ear, then i covered the ear with the material, cut a small hole in the fabric and forced the gauge in. it fit pretty snuggly, probably enough to stay put, but i squooze some hot glue around it to be sure.

look forward to more plushes from me! i've got 4 commissions for them, and 1 sculpture commission. It feels good to make money from my creativity ^>^

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