Monday, July 11, 2011

Culinary Arts

so i've said before that i keep this blog for all the unusual, uncommon or unique types of art I like to do, so why not some Culinary arts?

while we were dating, my husband took me out to dinner a lot and introduced me to tons of restaurants i'd never been to at all. (the only time I ate out growing up was once a year for my birthday) and i would invite him to Iron Chef parties that my neighbors would put on (the party was basically a potluck while watching Iron Chef on sunday nights). So we grew to love food and good dining together. Now that we're married we love trying our hand at cooking gourmet (or what we call 'iron chef') food together. here are some things we've done: (excuse the dark pictures, we usually cook at around 12pm -2am because of my husband's work schedule)

this is Braised pork shoulder with a balsamic reduction and tortellini with an Alfredo sauce. Everything on the plate was made from scratch!

This was our twist on Fajitas. Its roasted red pepper sauce with a marinated grilled thin steak over penne pasta slivers of red peppers and a sprig of cilantro. my presentation is on top, and my husband's is on the bottom.

and this was our latest! It's Prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin with honey dijon glaze on a bed of sauteed leeks. it was our first time eating leeks, they really just taste like a mild green onion (and they look like giant green onions, lol) they were so good and my favorite part of the meal! with a close second as the sauce and a close third to the pork wrapped tenderloin.

anyways, there might be more food post in the future, maybe...

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