Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solstice Husky Plush

Another Plush commission! this one was for Solstice: this is my first commission from someone online, this plush will be shipped off to California tomorrow!

bigger picture here: This is a husky and the tail was fun to make! it was interesting to try and figure out the right shapes to cut out to make it curl like that. but I figured it out and I was still able to make it squishy and have weight (with beads) The commissioner also wanted a removable collar! my husband actually did a lot of help me make the buckle, for some reason it had me stumped ^^; have some concept art:
I didn't take as many WIP pictures, but let me explain my general process i take while making these plushes. I start with the tail, I make it all the way and stuff it all, pin it shut at the top, and set it aside. Then i make the body. you can see in this WIP here: that i make the top (making sure to sew in the tail) and bottom completely before sewing them together. Then for the next couple of steps, it doesn't really matter what order it happens in. I carve the head out of a block of upholstry foam, cut the ears out of some blue sleeping mat foam, make and sew in the bean bags for the paws and belly and add stuffing to the body. you can see that far in my process here:
then I cover the ears and face with fabric, and sew on the back of the neck to the head...
...and finish off all the details. :D The absolute last thing I do is making sure the stuffing is the right amount and then i sew the neck shut.

vuala! then I have a complete and completely cute plush :P and Frostee fox loves my plushes too:
oh yeah! and She commissioned a badge of her character as well:

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Mary Ludwig said...

Holy cow! You are amazing! Seriously. I can't believe you just make this stuff as a hobby. I wish I had the artistic talent you have in your pinky finger. One time...I made a hair bow for my daughter. Yeah....I'm so awesome....
-Mary (Aaron's wife...)