Thursday, April 7, 2011

Demo Reel

demo reel breakdown:

Out of Darkness assets- flashlight
Out of Darkness(OoD) is a video game that a team of 7 people, including me, worked on and made in a semester. i was given the assignment to design and model a flash light asset. i also had the responsibility to UV map it too. done in Maya.

OoD asset - Rope bridge
i was giving a concept sketch and th roughed out geometry of the cave and assigned to build a bridge that would span the gap.

OoD asset - workbench
i was assigned to build an old beat up work bench, and the stepped platform that it stood on. i was given a few concept sketches and continual direction from the art director to beat it up more. i also had the responsibility to UV map it too. done in Maya. i also had the responsibility to UV map it too. done in Maya.

Greg the Satyr -
Greg first appeared in my sketchbook popping up here and there as little doodles. i finally drew a full sketch of him (seen in the reel.) i loved his personality so i started using him for school projects like the sculpey sculpture i made of him. Then in a 3D animation class, i modeled, rigged, made facial blend shapes and animated him. Made in Maya

this character was inspired from watching my own German Shepard. I drew up the concept, modeled, rigged and animated him. I made him for a semester long class while learning more about modeling and rigging and animating

Stone Jungle Cat-
a new project that i've started working on, the concept revolves around a giant stone creature that is somehow animated with magic. so far i'm not quite done modeling it, but i will UV and Texture it, rig it, build an environment and animate a scene of him coming to life. i am also going to learn about particle effects and get some 'magic' that glows and 'holds' his different stone segments together.

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