Monday, February 14, 2011

Frostee Fox beanbag plush

I wanted to make my fiance something special for his birthday, so i pulled out these plans for a bean bag plush:
i drew this around the same time as i drew my plans for the deathwing plush. my Fiance, Bryce, had seen the design before, but he had no idea that i was making for him. it was super hard to keep secret from him because it turned out so cute. X(
It took me only 2 weeks to make, i got a sewing machine for chirstmas (THANK YOU PARENTS!!! I LOVE MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!) anyways, i think i got my concept art spot-on. i think i've been doing good at that lately. the day came and i gave it to him with a bow wrapped around the neck. He loved it!! and here a a picture of him in costume with the mini me plush:
Happy birthday again babe!! look here to see more picture of his cosutme:

and heres some other stuff i've done sort of recently:
this awesome guy evolved out of a bunch of lines in an older sketchbook of mine. i drew this randomly in church on the back of a flyer. i can't help but smile when i look at him. concept art:
do you remember that old Denis the menace movie? and this scene: hahaha, that's where the name came from anyways, :) he is slightly bigger than a golf ball.

and i made a bunch of fondant unicorns to top cupcakes for my niece's birthday party

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