Monday, November 1, 2010

Plushie mania!

hey everyone! i just want to tell you that my life is great! i'm more inspired than i've ever been lately and i owe it all to my wonderful fiance, Bryce. I really want to work for blizzard entertainment, and have for a while, but now i really feel like it's an actual possibility! so anyways, after Bryce showing me WoW, Blizzcon, SCII custom maps and Blizzard's job descriptions on their website, i am super inspired and pumped to work for them. if it takes me years and working my way up from other games studios, so be it. i will get there eventually. i Will. and thank you so my bryce for being so supportive and inspiring to me

i've never been into WoW before, in fact i've been a little bit anti.... but now i'm totally excited for the newest expansion: Cataclysm!
anyways, i know that Bryce is getting the expansion at midnight when it comes out Dec 7th and he invited me to go along with him. i won't be buying the game so i was trying to come up with something i could wear or make and bring to the midnight release. i knew i had to make something with Deathwing (the big main dragon that destroys the world) but i couldn't possibly make him in to earrings, he's too complex! but then in a wave of brilliant inspiration, i came up with the idea to make him into a cuddly, bean bag plush. i've got to get him done by dec 7th, so i've delayed work on the giant gryphon, but i know i'll learn some technique from this smaller project that will help me tons. so here is my progress:

main features: huge metal jaw, metal plates holding him together, buring-inferno inside.

concept art:
(i'll get a better scan later)
foamwork head:
Jaw all sewn

he is going to be epic! and i'm sure lots of people will be coveting him at the release. to be honest i'm kinda hoping that someone will offer me a rediculous amount of money on-the-spot for him, but then again, i don't think i'll be able to part with him 3: maybe i should make business cards to hand out while i'm there... so i can get commissions and the such.. but i'm scared to take commissions. i really don't want this passion of mine to become a burden if i can't get inspired to make something for someone.

ooooooo, i just had some ideas for some WoW themed earrings. w00t!

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Tyson Murphy said...

i know a loottttt of people at blizzard who would kill for a deathwing plushie