Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deathwing update and pupperty final

okay, i've got just under three weeks to finish deathwing for the midnight release of cataclysm! he is coming along great, but i'm putting lots of details into him so it's very time consuming. I love working on him though, just class finals are demanding my time too.... oh well, i Will get him done. here's the pictures!
Head detail. just finished the one horn this morning(after this picture was taken) and it looks super amazing!
Here is the chest details(sorry for the blur):
Here's how i did the chest:
detail on the metal plates on the back:
aaaaaaaaaaand, here is what i'm making for my puppetry class final. it is a crazy aztec creature thing and it will be a marionette.

whaaaaat?! two blog post in a week! this is madness!

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