Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's huuuge

yay! super giant plush/puppet of death!

*cough* yes, imagine a 7 foot (beak tip to tail tip) giant, awesome stuffed gryphon. it'll be the closest thing I'll ever get to having a real one. and it's head will have puppeting abilities. just for the fun of it. if you look back at my first ish blog post you'll see the gryphon fursuit i started (and never finished because it looked awful) and you'll notice some similar construction techniques. woot woot. oh and it'll be made with fleece instead of fur because fur is hard to get (it's only online that you can find good quality) and you can only order in bulk and it's hard to find colors and it is expensive. fleece is easier to find, has lots more colors and is cheaper. woot woot. it'll be epic. and heavy. but so would a real gryphon, amirite?

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Preston said...

woo! it's gonna be awesome!