Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sketchbook Covers

Hey everyone! the semester has been out for a while, and i thought i'd have oodles of time this summer to keep up my blog. sadly, i moved back home and i have very limited internet access (because the wireless SUCKS! i'm sitting literally 10 ft away from the router and only have 3 bars, W.T.F) my main workstation is up in my bedroom and the router is downstairs, so no internet access. it is poo.

anyways, i was looking through some old sketchbooks of mine and decided to show all the cool covers that i decorated. starting with the oldest:

yay wolfy! and it did say "chase" at the top, but i tried to take it off because too many people asked me if Chase was my boyfriend. ]:P i love drawing animals in this tribal/tattoo sorta style -this was an earlier design. i think i've gotten better more consistant with this style this was a high school sketchbook, btw.
next up, unicorn :F don't ask me why. it was cool when i did it. and i really abused this sketchbook -i took it literally everywhere- so it is super faded. i think this was a very-end-of-HS-very-begining-of-college sketchbook.

yay orca! this is one of my favorite tatt design i've done. it looked even cooler on paper when the silver was black on white paper (just because it was real killer whale colors) but still looks awesome like this. i still haven't filled this sketchbook up... i only use it for life drawings really... or sketching from life... so i really hate all the artwork in it. bleh.

And finally, my current sketchbook. i love this design. a whole lot. i designed it in my art history class when we were looking at Egyptian art. another cool thing i did was actually carve it into the cover, not just color on top. it looks and feels really cool. plus Gryphons are only the coolest creature in the universe so that automatically makes this my favorite sketchbook ever.

yup. so i hope you enjoyed the new post. i actually have another one planned. i have, like a millionsbillion earrings to upload and show off, but i have to go to work early tomorrow and dont have time to photograph them all tonight. so look forward to that. also i have progress pictures/ concept art for my giant gryphon stuffed animal ready to upload too. and i've started a new project! i'm going to program a flash game and start a website. hurray! i'll upload more about that later.

but for now, night y'alls!

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Shalay said...

I love your drawings!! I always had! I remember watching you draw during choir and I just loved it!!!