Wednesday, December 9, 2009


anyways, i'm really busy with college stuff (finals and all) but i got totally inspired and came up with an idea for my next major project!

so my last major project was the cougar juggling costume and it took me a year to complete, so that's how long i am planning for this one. so are you ready to hear what it is? your sure? okay... here it goes!


i am going to make a giant gryphon plushie! WOOOOoooooooo.......!!!

anyway, it has been occupying my mind and sketch book lately so look forward to concept art soon

also, i am taking earring commisions. i can remake anything i've made or make something new! a pair will go for about $10 and the 'sets' (pac-man and tetris like) will be around $20-25. spread the word!

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