Friday, November 20, 2009

Cougar costume

hey all! is about time that i got my first suit completed. so here i am presenting to you, the nameless, partial juggling cougar!! i am aware of the one stupid ear. it didn't work and i was rushed to complete it before halloween. i am planning on redoing that ear, but i'm super busy with school now. it may not get fixed until summertime. Photobucket yes that is a BYU shirt for all you who might ask Photobucket these pictures were taken with my cell phone, so the colors are off Photobucket i got in a fight (i totally pwned btw) This picture is much closer to the actual colors and i was too lazy to re-size these images so here's a link for more pics: and here's a video of me trying to juggle in it. XD i did pretty well with my devil sticks let me know if you have suggestions or see an glaring problems. thanks guys!

1 comment:

Neeko48 said...

You only won cause I was taking it easy on you XD