Monday, September 7, 2009


okay, new endevor; yes i know i always start 50 million projects and never finish them but nobody really cares... do they? well i only slightly bothers me, kinda like that pair of pants that i own that has a small hole in the pocket. my cell phone is fine in that pocket, but i always loose my pennies...

i don't even know how that was even relivent. UPDATE TIME

-cougar mask has ears and no fur. i haven't found any. i'm tempted to
just buy one of the sample furs i got. the only question is to go with the light blonde-ish tan or the deep golden tan. i can't decide but leaning toward the blonde.

-i made feet for my costume! they have no fur but are still pretty awesome. here's a picture:
okay so i thought that i had a picture
of them in a more finished state, but you can kind of get an idea from these

Anyway, on to the point of this post!

I was starting to get sick of all the nice, sophisticated silvery earrings i had (okay i love them but i feel like i have to dress up to wear them. what i really wanted was fun playful (but mostly nerdy) earrings. So i hopped to making some and here are the results!

i really enjoy making these and would actually like to start selling them.... i know it's weird but their isn't nearly enough nerdy gear for girls out there. so if you see something you'd like to where, shoot me an email and i'll work something out for you. also i'm a not bad artist and can make special requests as well.

well there you have it. yet another buisness endevor by Laura. though I am optimistic about this one.


Kathryn said...

Should I be worried that you don't know how to spell relevant? ;)

Great earings! I love them! I want you to dream up something Twilight Inspired...I need 2 pairs for the next movie premier...waddayathink?

Laura Allred said...

yes, yes you should be worried XD

hmm, twilight? i'll see what i can dream up. :D

jordan said...

omg, if i was a girl i would totally wear those. those are soooo cooL!