Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cougar mask progress

it seems like forever since i have updated here but her it goes!

lots of progress has been made, i'll show you a step by step progress through what i've done:

phase 1: blocking

phase 2: shapeing

phase 3: details

yay!  next i need to add in the fish line to pull features of the face and ears and i need to make and attach the ears.   i'm not really happy with the top/back of the head and need to figure something out.  i know how i want to make the eyes but don't know if it is worth it to buy all the materials needed, or just commision someone to do it. here is what i want to do  yup, i'm really excited at what i've done.   I wish i could work on it more; currently i only get to do it on sudays.  such is life.  i have the teeth done but not attachted i'll post more about them later.  

hoorah  here is one last pic of my mask! enjoy!

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