Thursday, October 9, 2008

my Fursuit quest

Many of you have no idea what a fursuit even is, let me explain:  it is a costume, akin to that of a mascot costume, that represents an anthropomorphic character (anthropomorphic meaning an animal with humanoid characteristics)  for the enjoyment of the wearer or for charities.    You can find costumers online that specialize in these fursuits and get commissions from furries (people who relate themselves to an anthro character).  For a full fursuit, commissions run about $1500.  for just the heads, commissions run about $500.  

I was first drawn into the furry world by these fansinatingly complex costumes and imeadiatly went about to learn how to make them.  I wanted to make them, not only to try to sell them for the rediculous amount of money i could make, but my creative side was stimulated as well.   I started dreaming up headshapes and different techniques to make them, without even having made one myself.    So I gathered up the materials and started to make a white Gryphon mask.  

It wasn't too bad, but i learned a ton from making it.  it is still unfinished and I don't really know if i will finish it.  It was a valuable (and expensive) trial and error project.  

Now that i'm at BYU and in so many art classes, my creativity was sparked again when i saw Cosmo the Football mascot.  To me, he was very ugly and i knew i could make something better.  so that brings me to my next project:  Making a cougar mask.  I've started to gather the materials, the only thing that i am short is a light weight ski mask.  So once I can find or make one i'll start construction!

In the mean time, I've started on a different project. One that I thoutgh would be easy compared with the mask.  I thought this up while trying to fall asleep the other night.  I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to make some hand paws (the hand part of a fursuit) with retractable claws?  I laied there  for what seemed the rest of the night planing a design and everything.  stay turn for updates on that. 

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