Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gryphon Costume

so I've been wanting to make this for a long time. After years of planning and a year of building, it is all done!

(professional pictures courtesy of )
The character is a personal character that I use as an online persona (or a fursona if you will, lol.) Her name is Kazul, she's a gryphon that is half American Kestrel, half Cougar. Anyways, I started building her June of 2011 starting with the hardest part, the head. after the first day it looked something like this:
the eyes are just temporary, and the beak was looking way to...small and weird. So I tried again:
most everything was pinned on at this point. but before i had gotten the ears right, I snapped a picture like this:
at this point, I took a break from this project to upgrade my first costume I had made. (you can see that here: ) I replaced her eyes, nose and ears and built her new hands and a new body suit :
When i got back to working on Kazul, I wasn't quite happy with with the shape, so i added more and then painted the blue foam so it wouldn't show through the fabric i would put on it (sorry for the junky picture)
Then i was ready to put the fur on! this is the fun part, at least, it amuses me because of its similarity to a process called UV mapping in 3D animation. All you animation people will understand, and all you who dont, this is pretty much exactly what you do in the computer. first I covered the head in ducttape and drew on the markings and color lines with a marker:
Then I cut away the ducttape and cut it so that layed flat. this is what it looked like when i was done:

then all i had to do was cut out the fur with these pattern pieces and put them on! here's a picture with all the fur on (still needed some trimming) and the eyes were complete too. I don't have any picture of how they were made, but i just took a white plastic bowl, dremeled out the right shape, made the iris out of bukram colored with prisma color markers, and made the 'eyeliner' out of fun foam.
Now for the hands!

the claws are made of sculpy clay, panted and then glossed. Next I needed to start the body but to make it easier on myself, i made a duct tape dummy of myself.

and with that i could build the rest of the suit!

oh and here's what i did for the feet:
and then my suit was done ^^ and I'm really tired right now, so just enjoy some more pictures:
with all the great fur scraps you get from making a costume like this, you have to have a little fun!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feb 2012 Demo Reel

Feb 2012 Demo Reel Break down

Estefan model
Estefan is the name and main character of my senior class short film. We chose this story over other that were pitched and started working on it November 2010. I was chosen to be the modeling lead on the film and got to model Estefan himself. I studied really hard and talked to seniors above me and students who had already graduated to learn how set up the topology to the best deformations. I also had to communicate a lot with the director and design lead as we figured out how to get his features into 3D. Then others down the pipeline added to him. Scarlet Verdeja modeled his hair, Jared Merrill Rigged him, and in the particular shot I’ve shown, David Perez animated him. The Film will be done in April 2012

Stone Guardian
This is a character that has been showing up in my sketchbooks for a few years. I modeled him a year ago, but wasn’t completely satisfied with his shape. So this year I re modeled him and tightened down his design. I have plans to give him a feathery mane and to continue making animations for him. then I am going learn how to import this character and all his animations into UDK so I can figure out how to link movement animations together under player controls.

I made rebel in a character set up class. During the whole semester we designed, modeled, rigged and animated one character. This was my first real dive into rigging, and I really learned the importance of a good rig. The rig I made for rebel had a few limiting factors that made it difficult to animate. But I think I managed to pull a few good animations out of it.

Greg the satyr
Greg started as an assignment in a class called the illusion of life that I took my sophomore year. The focus of the class was teach us how to improve our skills in the various departments of computer animation (modeling, lighting etc) by looking at real life and doing things traditionally. I chose to focus on modeling so I came up with the concept art and made a maquette. Then in another class we had to make a character to animate, so I decided use Greg. In that class I modeled him and put joint in him, but at that point I didn’t know how to rig, so the animation you see here, the keys were set on the joints and IK handles.

Character animation
This is a clip of some animation I did for our senior film “Estefan”

Out of Darkness asset
In my sophomore year of the program, I was invited by a friend to help him and some others make a video game. I was on the art team and modeled a few assets for them including this workbench.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solstice Husky Plush

Another Plush commission! this one was for Solstice: this is my first commission from someone online, this plush will be shipped off to California tomorrow!

bigger picture here: This is a husky and the tail was fun to make! it was interesting to try and figure out the right shapes to cut out to make it curl like that. but I figured it out and I was still able to make it squishy and have weight (with beads) The commissioner also wanted a removable collar! my husband actually did a lot of help me make the buckle, for some reason it had me stumped ^^; have some concept art:
I didn't take as many WIP pictures, but let me explain my general process i take while making these plushes. I start with the tail, I make it all the way and stuff it all, pin it shut at the top, and set it aside. Then i make the body. you can see in this WIP here: that i make the top (making sure to sew in the tail) and bottom completely before sewing them together. Then for the next couple of steps, it doesn't really matter what order it happens in. I carve the head out of a block of upholstry foam, cut the ears out of some blue sleeping mat foam, make and sew in the bean bags for the paws and belly and add stuffing to the body. you can see that far in my process here:
then I cover the ears and face with fabric, and sew on the back of the neck to the head...
...and finish off all the details. :D The absolute last thing I do is making sure the stuffing is the right amount and then i sew the neck shut.

vuala! then I have a complete and completely cute plush :P and Frostee fox loves my plushes too:
oh yeah! and She commissioned a badge of her character as well:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Culinary Arts

so i've said before that i keep this blog for all the unusual, uncommon or unique types of art I like to do, so why not some Culinary arts?

while we were dating, my husband took me out to dinner a lot and introduced me to tons of restaurants i'd never been to at all. (the only time I ate out growing up was once a year for my birthday) and i would invite him to Iron Chef parties that my neighbors would put on (the party was basically a potluck while watching Iron Chef on sunday nights). So we grew to love food and good dining together. Now that we're married we love trying our hand at cooking gourmet (or what we call 'iron chef') food together. here are some things we've done: (excuse the dark pictures, we usually cook at around 12pm -2am because of my husband's work schedule)

this is Braised pork shoulder with a balsamic reduction and tortellini with an Alfredo sauce. Everything on the plate was made from scratch!

This was our twist on Fajitas. Its roasted red pepper sauce with a marinated grilled thin steak over penne pasta slivers of red peppers and a sprig of cilantro. my presentation is on top, and my husband's is on the bottom.

and this was our latest! It's Prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin with honey dijon glaze on a bed of sauteed leeks. it was our first time eating leeks, they really just taste like a mild green onion (and they look like giant green onions, lol) they were so good and my favorite part of the meal! with a close second as the sauce and a close third to the pork wrapped tenderloin.

anyways, there might be more food post in the future, maybe...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gina Hyena Plush

So this is the First plush I have made as a commission, it was for my Friend Gina. This is her hyena character that she uses to represent herself online, her persona (or Fur-sona if you will :P)
look here for a bigger picture: Her plush features removable goggles, sculpey ear gages, and a faux fur hair tuft. she is made of some super soft material, the kind that baby blankets are made of. So here is my concept art, which i use as much to get the look right as I use it to make the pattern:
And here is a WIP picture for fun. The ears are blue because I cut them out of a blue sleeping mat that I got at Walmart. the head is just a carved piece of upholstery foam.

there were two challenges that I had while building this plush and the first was the material. it was very slippery and i had to unpick a lot of stitches because it would slip in the middle of sewing. the other challenge was figuring out the ear gauges. i solved it by making a ear gauge out of sculpey clay, then I cut a slightly smaller hole in the foam of the ear, then i covered the ear with the material, cut a small hole in the fabric and forced the gauge in. it fit pretty snuggly, probably enough to stay put, but i squooze some hot glue around it to be sure.

look forward to more plushes from me! i've got 4 commissions for them, and 1 sculpture commission. It feels good to make money from my creativity ^>^

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gryphon Plush!

Yay! i finally got to finishing the mini kazul plush to match with Frostee! ^_^ i wanted to have it done by our wedding, so i could give it to frostee as a wedding gift, but with finals, moving and all the wedding plans that needed to get done, i was unable to work on her :( but shes done now :D and i think she turned out rather excellent! here is my concept arts:

anyways, i'm Starting to take commissions on these plushes! the baseline cost is $50. if you have a character that you want turned into a loveable bean bag plush, please send me an email at and i'll give you a free quote! just be sure to include a referance sheet of your character. more details here: []

D'awwwwww, they're in love!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flash Demo Reel